Part II

Executive Doctorate

of Business Administration


(approximately two years of research and writing).

This part of the program consists primarily of individual research, under the supervision of IdM and GEM, which bring together a broad range of expertise and international reputation in technology, innovation and change management.

The DBA thesis must be an original piece of work which a capable, well-qualified and diligent participant, properly supported and supervised, can produce in four years of research work. Each participant will have the support of two supervisors, one from each institution. The DBA thesis should exhibit substantial evidence of original scholarship and contain material of a publishable standard.

A candidate for the degree of Doctorate of Business Administration is required to show ability to conduct original investigations, to test, apply and/or examine ideas, his/her own or others’, and to understand the relationship of his/her theme to a wider field of knowledge. This may involve the identification of current issues and the application of theory relevant to problem-solving in the candidate's work environment and/or the identification of both theoretical and practical issues to facilitate future implementation of operational and/or strategic plans within his/her organisation.

 The second part of the DBA regards individual research activity and includes the definition of a research topic, the interaction with an academic supervisors, the empirical research, the writing of the dissertation and the final discussion.

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