Executive Doctorate

of Business Administration

What is an Executive DBA?

A DBA is a four-years course, specifically designed for managers and executives, with a strong emphasis on management disciplines, during which participants acquire research skills and develop a rigorous research project regarding topics of interest. The DBA has been recognized as an important path to advanced personal and professional development. The idea behind a DBA is to offer managers the opportunity to work with the rigor of academic research and apply theories and models to their jobs, to identify novel research questions, expand their knowledge about management studies, contribute to the scientific debate with their own original work.


How long does Sant’Anna-GEM joint Executive DBA last?

The programme lasts 4 years. It consists of a combination of workshops and presentations interspersed by periods of individual research and supervision. It is structured so that participants will not leave their jobs and will combine research with ongoing careers in business, consulting, etc. It has two sequential parts. Students complete a series of 5 research training workshops held in Pisa and Grenoble during the first part of the program. The second part consists of individual research under the supervision of professors from IdM and/or GEM.


When does Sant’Anna-GEM joint Executive DBA start?

The course starts every year in November.



When and how will admission process take place?

Candidates will be selected on the basis of their CVs and motivational letters as well as the short preliminary research proposal.

The outcome of the assessment will be published every year no later than September 30.



Where is Sant’Anna-GEM joint Executive DBA held?

DBA participants may follow the workshops in either Grenoble or Pisa, with the exception of the first and last workshops, which will only be held in Pisa and Grenoble respectively.


Who chooses the research topic?

The candidates submit a preliminary research proposal during the application process. The supervisor helps the participant to define and carry out the DBA research project until the final research evaluation.


Is an authorization from the company/organization needed to attend Sant’Anna-GEM joint Executive DBA?

We assume that most participants will apply for the course in coordination with their parent organization. However, it may happen that managers will choose to follow the course without necessarily informing their organization. Even in such cases, no authorization is needed.


When and how will the supervisor be chosen?

A supervisor will be chosen a few weeks after the beginning of the course. It will be a joint decision between the participant and the organizing universities.


Are classes held in Pisa or in Grenoble?

Participants may follow every workshop either in Pisa or Grenoble, with the exception of the first and last workshops which will be held only in Pisa and Grenoble respectively.



What is the cost of Sant’Anna-GEM joint Executive DBA Program?

The tuition fee for the full program is 42.000,00 euros. Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna offers a significant reduction in the tuition fee for managers/companies which are already partner. The tuition fee covers teaching materials (mainly in electronic format), tutorship and lunches (on class and exam days), access to all Scuola’s facilities (including library and computer rooms) and especially research superivision by one professor during the whole period of the DBA. Travel and accommodation in Pisa during the course and any other expense are the responsibility of each participant.



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