Executive Doctorate

in Business Administration

Istituto di Management (IdM) at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna offers an Executive Doctorate of Business Administration in partnership with the Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM).

What is a DBA?

A DBA is a four-years course, specifically designed for managers and executives, with a strong emphasis on management disciplines, during which participants acquire research skills and develop a rigorous research project regarding topics of interest. The DBA has been recognized as an important path to advanced personal and professional development. The idea behind a DBA is to offer managers the opportunity to work with the rigor of academic research and apply theories and models to their jobs, to identify novel research questions, expand their knowledge about management studies, contribute to the scientific debate with their own original work.

DBA students are expected to attend five one-week seminars and two meetings, meet regularly with their supervisors, and complete a doctoral dissertation.

Who is the DBA for?

A DBA program is suitable for young as well as experienced managers and for those interested in advancing their studies beyond a Master degree or MBA. Our DBA programs are structured to let managers work on the development of their career and to successfully complete their program. Instructors and tutors work with managers side by side to identify a schedule that is compatible with their jobs and interests.


Two different DBA Tracks

IdM and GEM offer two different DBA tracks in English. One in China, in collaboration with Chongqing University started in October 2013 and one in Pisa/Grenoble, started in November 2014

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